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Update Your Home With Remodeling

planning for a kitchen remodeling jobDeciding to remodel a home instead of selling is a great option for many El Paso homeowners. Often times homes still stand the test of time when it comes to durability, but can be lacking in the style department. Outdated kitchens and bathrooms are one of the main reasons many homeowners move out. Not surprisingly, outdated kitchens and bathrooms will also keep interested home buyers away. Moving out to find a more up-to-date home may seem like a great idea until it is time to sell the home.Not only that, moving into a more modern home can mean moving out of a safe, established home in a specific school district to a new housing development across town. At Ordonez Construction Inc., we have a few ideas to keep you happy in your home.

Update Kitchen and Bathroom With Remodeling

If you feel your home is outdated, fixing the actual problem might save a lot more trouble and time than moving out. Deciding to remodel also means you get to decide on all the important decisions like colors, tile selections, fixtures, cabinets, and more. If you want to update to make your home more attractive for when you sell in the future you can still reap the benefits of choosing timeless design features that won’t go out of style. You can also choose neutral colors that can match any taste. Remodeling costs can be more cost effective than the cost of packing, moving, paying a realtor, closing costs, and more.

Remodel to Create More Space

Another complaint of people who own older homes is not enough space. Newer homes do tend to have larger kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. However, if you are happy with your floor plan and neighborhood but unhappy with the size of your home remodeling can go a long way. A good contractor can add cabinet space, rearrange a kitchen floor plan, add on additions, choose bathroom features to give a larger feel, and so much more. A remodeling contractor can even install larger closets in your home. When it comes to finding your dream home, you may not have to go searching farther than your own house.

Contact the Experts Today

If you want a bigger or more updated home but aren’t interested in the hassle of moving, our team at Ordonez Construction, Inc. can help. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate. The sooner we get started, the sooner you can live in your dream home.

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