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Time to Expand

Complete renovation of a private apartmentOften times people move out of their home because they have outgrown it. Sometimes years of accumulating stuff can make the home feel smaller. Other times a growing family may make the house feel cramped. However, moving out and going through the hassle of packing your life away doesn’t need to be the go to option. A renovation contractor can help you expand the size of your home or maximize the space you already have.

A Renovation Contractor Can Help Expand

When a home grows to small for a family but moving out isn’t an option, adding on a room or more space is a logical answer. This can be an excellent answer for homeowners. Whether you want a bigger kitchen, a new bedroom, or new home office, an add-on renovation is a common project for any skilled renovation contractor. The only constraint is the size of the lot. And in some cases homeowners even decide to build upstairs expansions.

Maximizing Space

Sometimes homeowners may not be up for expanding the house. In this case maximizing the existing space is a viable option. A renovation contractor can visit your home and make recommendations. The sky’s the limit and your imagination is the only constraint when it comes to these kinds of projects. This can include creating an upstairs balcony, turning a loft into an extra bedroom, expanding closet space, creating an open concept, remodeling a garage, and more. It’s all about looking at how you use your home and what you need more of.

Open Concept Remodeling

When a homeowner desires more space in the kitchen or better floorplan for entertaining guests renovation contractors often recommend tearing down walls between the kitchen and family room. Not only does this make a home look bigger, but often adds a few feet of usable space in the house. This is a great expansion option for parents that like to cook or just spend a big amount of time in the kitchen.

Contact Us Today

If you want to speak with a skilled renovation contractor be sure to call Ordonez Construction today. We offer a wide range of expertise. We will help you design your dream home without the hassle of moving out. Whether you want a new room added on or a remodel of existing space, we can help. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our experts.

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