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Put the Brush Down and Hire Painting Contractors Instead!

painting contractors adding a new layer of color to a wallMany homeowners decide to do their own painting work instead of hiring painting contractors. While at first glance the paint job will look the same at first, there are many benefits that come with stepping aside and letting a professional do the job.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Many people decide to do paint jobs themselves because they think they will save money. However, painting requires a lot of specific tools to get the job done right. There is more than just buying brushes and masking tape when it comes to supplies. Not only that, there are several different types of paint and paint finishes that work differently for different jobs. A good paint job will last anywhere between 3 to 7 years.  All the supplies you thought you invested in will sit in a box in your hot garage, and most likely deteriorate. You can save the money you spend on substandard paint and tons of supplies and invest in painting contractors. You will get a better paint job, the right paint for the right area of your home, and they will have years of experience.

Keep Up With Trends

Not only are painting contractors experts in getting the job done right with the right tools, they are color experts as well. You can discuss your preferred color pallette and they will recommend the right hues according to the light in your room or the houses in your neighborhood. If you are looking to keep up with the Joneses, they can recommend colors according to the current trends in home decor.

Painting Contractors Work Quickly

One of the biggest benefits to hiring painting contractors is all the time you will save. Home painting comes with a lot of prep work and cleanup, aside from how long the actual painting takes. With a team of painters taking care of the job, you can expect the work to be done within a few days to a week, depending on the project. Not only that, moving furniture, taping off the floors and baseboards, cleaning up, and putting the room back together will all be included in the job. You will actually find your room or home exterior exactly how it started! The only difference will be a beautiful, fresh new hue on the walls!

Contact Our Painting Contractors Today

So, if you want the convenience and benefits that come from hiring professionals, contact Ordonez Construction today! Our team will help paint the exterior or any room in your house. We even offer free estimates.

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