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What Does Bathroom Remodeling Entail?

a beautiful bathroom remodel with new sinks and glass showerYou’ve had it. You’re tired of seeing that outdated sink next to that toilet that’s probably from the 80s. And don’t even get us started on that old-fashioned shower head that’s seen more mildew than just about any other shower head. You could move to the wild and never worry about those things again. Or you could remodel your bathroom. Your choice. If you asked us, we’d have to go with a bathroom remodel. Living in the wild would get tiring (not to mention smelly) after a while. Remodeling your bathroom can be a great investment, and Ordonez Construction can help! Before you take this leap, let’s talk about what bathroom remodeling entails.

The Basics

We all know a bathroom remodel means upgrading. Whether it’s a new toilet or repainting the walls, things will change for the better. We’ve remodeled many bathrooms and some of our favorite renovations include tiled walls, glass shower doors and walls, and new countertops. It’s your bathroom, though, so you can get creative with it, but we guarantee that once we remodel for you, you’ll be spending extra time in the shower and getting ready in the morning to indulge in it.

The Parameters

A bathroom remodel can be a hefty job. If you only have one bathroom, you’ll want to plan ahead for not having a bathroom readily available to you. While we’ll work hard to get your bathroom remodeled quickly, these things can still take time. You’ll also want to know your budget before diving in. Setting a tight budget will allow you to design the bathroom you want without going overboard in the middle of the planning process.

The Benefits

Remodeling your bathroom has more than just an aesthetic benefit. If your bathroom is old, it may have been built improperly or not made to last. Since your bathroom is normally full of moisture, whether it’s steam from your shower or an unexpected toilet leak, you want to be sure it’s built to withstand it. Moisture can cause issues like water damage and mold, but when your bathroom is built properly, these issues won’t creep up as often. At Ordonez Construction, we pride ourselves on building things to last, including your bathroom. When you remodel it with us, you ensure it’ll stay strong for years to come.

Call Ordonez Construction Today!

We have many names for our bathroom; the loo, el baño, the porcelain throne. What we don’t want to call it is gross, outdated, or terrible. With a bathroom remodel from Ordonez Construction, you won’t have to stress about the state of your bathroom any longer. Call us today!

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